Asia has a long history of gambling, some sources indicate that Asians have been betting for more than 5000 years! This long history of betting has translated into today as Asian betting is the largest in the world. Due to the wide popularity of sports betting in Asia, bets and odds tend to be a bit more generous than the rest of the world. However, not all online gambling sites have a loose regulatory system when it comes to the types of sports betting, but this will be our main discussion in this article. As in many places around the world, the most popular betting sport in Asia is football, but it is not the only one.


Soccer (or soccer), is the most popular sport in Asia and is therefore the most popular sport to bet on here. Asians love all the best European football leagues, especially the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. They also follow their national and local leagues. The quality and popularity of leagues varies, but they usually have a large following.


Baseball, a sport that originated in the US, first spread to Japan and from there to Korea, Taiwan and much of other east and central Asia. In some places, baseball’s popularity surpassed that of soccer.


Surprisingly, in many places in Asia, badminton is the most popular sport. Elsewhere, it is the second or third position of the favorite competitive sport. Of course, the popularity of the sport usually reflects a return to its popularity in betting circles.


The NBA is a worldwide phenomenon, but Euro Basketball is also popular in some of Asia. This is especially true for those who are actually competing in European championships like Turkey.

Tennis border

There are many reasons why Table Tennis also known as ping-pong is so popular in Asia. First of all, the sport takes up little space, the equipment is affordable, and it’s a sport of deep finesse and precision. It is also very interesting to watch because it is fast and very dynamic.

UFC & Satu

Mixed martial arts are gaining popularity all over the world. There is an influx of bets on the fights hosted by the UFC and its Asian sister organization, ONE. Not all fights get the same popularity. However, a match that includes Connor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz and other fan favorites is getting serious attention.

Muay Thai

Popular mostly in Thailand and beyond, Muay Thai has long been the region’s preferred betting sport. Its popularity has grown since the fighting style was accepted and popularized in mixed martial arts, so it is now gaining a larger international following.


Since the sports betting options are quite diverse and vary greatly from one slot joker88, we will stick with the most popular sport in all of Asia, which is football. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of soccer bets in Asia. Many of these are matches with betters that can be made in Europe and the US, but there are some unique ones too.

1×2 – Your basic betting option which includes betting on whether the home team wins, the away team wins or on the game ending in a draw.
Asian Handicap – Also known as Hang Cheng is the traditional way Asians use to bet on football. This means that the home team comes with a handicap (-0.5) while the away team gets a positive handicap (+0.5). In a draw situation, the visitors won. In this system, there is no option to bet on the outcome of the match being a draw.
First goal – Bet on who will get the first goal in the game.
Last goal – Bet on who will get the last goal in the game.
Total Goals – Betting on the number of teams with the aim of combining the total goals of the teams on .
Odd or Even – Bet on whether the total goals will be odd or even.
Correct Score – Usually known as a score guess (usually a good way to increase small bets).
Half Time and Full Time – Bet on the winner in a single match. For each part of the match, you can choose one of three options: Home, Away, or Draw. There are unique odds for each individual combination.
Over or Under – The number of goals is determined by the bookmaker, and you bet if the number of goals scored will end up over (over) or under (under) the odds provided.

Now, since across Asia, most online sports betting options boil down to regionally focused websites, it’s fair to say that most websites have some unique features and betting options. This includes unique betting formats, across different sports, and different odds.