The Latest Promos & Events for Slot258 Slot Site Agents

Of course, as the best online site, we will give feedback to members in the form of exciting and interesting promotions for our members to get. At Slot258, there are many types of promos for various types of games, both online poker, online slots, soccer gambling / sportsbooks to event tournaments with prizes up to 1 billion. The terms and conditions for claiming the bonus are easy to do and you will only be asked to have fun by playing to your heart’s content.

Bonus and cashback promos on online gambling sites also apply to all Slot258 members. Starting from new member bonus promos, weekly roll bonuses to cashback bonuses for all members. slot joker88 also provides member rankings where the higher the member’s rank, the greater the benefits that members can get. Member rankings at Slot258 include:

  • Bronze

At this level, it applies to all members who have just joined Slot258. The requirement to join this bronze ranking is a minimum deposit of IDR 300,000. If you have met the minimum deposit at the beginning, you will automatically become a bronze rank.

The advantages that can be obtained in the bronze ranking are:

  1. Bonus Cashback 3% dan TO ( Turn Over ) mingguan 0,3%
  2. Layanan Live Chat & WA 24 jam
  3. Guaranteed Account Security
  • Silver

Congratulations, you are now at the silver stage where the benefits you get will be even greater than before. To become a silver rank, you must have a total deposit of IDR 5,000,000 with a min to IDR 10,000,000 .. for the benefits that can be obtained from this silver ranking are

  1. Bonus Cashback up to 4% dan Bonus To mingguan up to 0.40%
  2. Layanan live chat & Whatsapp
  3. Improved account security
  • Gold

Congratulations, you have reached the point of becoming our loyal member at Slot258. The benefits that you get are even more and there are merchandise too. To achieve this ranking requires a total deposit of IDR 20,000,000 with a minimum of TO 100,000,000. The benefits in ranking gold are:

  1. Bonus Cashback up to 5% dan Bonus To mingguan up to 0.45%
  2. Hadiah merchandise Random
  3. 24 hours service
  4. Private Whatsapp service
  5. Guaranteed account security from blocking
  6. Ease of deposit transactions when the bank is offline
  • Platinum VIP

Congratulations, you are at the top of the ranking of the many members at Slot258. Here you are a guest of honor or VIP which we will always prioritize when you are present. You will get this VIP title if you have reached a minimum of IDR 1,000,000,000. The benefits that will be obtained are:

  1. Travel ticket voucher for the highest 3 people TO
  2. Bonus cashback up to 6% dan bonus TO mingguan Up to 0.80%
  3. Merchandise gifts are free to choose
  4. Request for the bonus you want to get
  5. Ease of financial transactions
  6. Priority in live chat and whatsapp services
  7. Blocking guarantee
  8. 24 hours depo and WD transactions