Level Up Trading Themed Meet Up at Indonesia Blockchain Week Celebration

Tokocrypto and Hummingbot have held a Trading Level Up event on 20 November 2019 at JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta. In addition to traders who are experts, this event was also attended by several traders who are still new to the crypto world, there were as many as 30 participants who took part in this event.

This event focuses on trading strategies using the Trading bots API. During this meeting, several speakers gave their share based on their company background, for example, Tokocrypto, which discussed the exchange service provider for buying and selling crypto assets, Hummingbot, which discussed API trading bots, and Rupiah Token, which discussed the stablecoin product.

“As a trader, sometimes we are easily carried away by emotions with market conditions automate trading, for example when prices move down there must be an excessive feeling of disappointment that actually affects trading activities or when prices go up, the greedy nature will definitely come out,” said Gilbert who represented Tokocrypto in his presentation.

While one visitor revealed in terms of the event, “I am quite curious about several events at the first Indonesia Blockchain Week. This is the second event that I attended after the Inblock event, and it turned out to be quite interesting this event which discussed directly about trading strategies, I hope I can add more money after this.” he said.

Level Up Trading Event: Crypto High Frequency Trading is one part of various events at the Indonesia Blockchain Week event which was first held in Indonesia.